Caroline Bennett

Power Labs Winner

Caroline Inspires LLC is a creative comprehensive consulting company that focuses on centering the experiences of Black youth and those who serve Black youth. As a recipient of the OYU Power Lab grant my project prioritizes destigmatizing therapy and mental health among Black youth and their families and provides an accessible and consistent solution for them to receive the services they need. With these funds, Caroline Inspires Ambassadors, Black youth in Columbus, Ohio will be exposed to counseling services offered by a Black woman therapist that will provide them with the experience, education and enlightenment they need to be active in their mental health journey. The individual and group sessions for the teens in the Caroline Inspires Youth Ambassador Program are positioned in a way to develop Black teens into being peer advocates for mental health, thus, influencing their peers and sparking intergenerational conversations and change. These Black youth become active participants in their own healing. These youth will yearn to #LiveALifeWorthLovingNotLeaving and embody what it means to #BEYOURMARK.